1. Kevin! You have created the perfect opportunity for yourself. Get another member of your family to wrap each of the things not done in a cardboard box, complete with hilarious wrapping paper (Disney princesses, included.) For the Floors app (which I, too can’t wait to get my hands on, more on that below) put the title on a piece of paper for them to wrap (in a box, of course.) Put all boxes in a closet somewhere. When you feel the need for a bit of uplifting, go open one, and tackle it. Take them off the to-do list, and put them on the “look-what-I-got” list. You will make time for them, guaranteed. But…only one per month. The poem/song cycle takes time. I truly don’t think that can be completed while other projects compete for its attention. Ever seen/heard “Edges: A Song Cycle”? Worth a listen. On the Floors app, I desperately want the ability to use text rather than coins. Oh, what I could do with a Parts of Speech game!!! In conclusion – I have no doubt that you didn’t have time for the undones because you were spending all your “free” moments supporting your CLMOOC. For this I thank you, once again.

  2. Hi Kevin-
    Great deck — I like how you showcased the “leftovers” from your summer; that’s a neat idea, and possibly a fun project for students to do when they begin the new school year!

    Lisa Ma
    Haiku Deck Customer Evangelist

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