The #CCourses Caption Contest (of sorts)

You know now the New Yorker has its caption contest each week? How about one for the Connected Courses? I’ve taken a screenshot of a Blackboard LMS I am going to be forced to use as a student for a state certification program, and added a few, eh, bugs.

CCourses Caption Contest

Your task? What’s the ladybug saying? You can either leave it as a comment to this post, or add it on Twitter with the #ccourses hashtag, or share it elsewhere. If you are adventurous, you can even layer in your caption/dialogue into the original but that’s not required. Just have fun with it. That’s what’s required.

Peace (in the funny),


PS — already got a few to share …

From Jim:

Embedded image permalinkFrom Todd:

Embedded image permalink

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  1. Love how you come up w these exciting and low-investment ideas for connecting 🙂

    My response to the task, but a not-funny one is:
    “Feel free to jump outside any time!”

    My funny one is
    “Strange, I always thought students preferred the safety of walls”
    (Err not so funny again, i guess!)

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