How We Write (pen vs screen)

How we write (a comic)
I made this comic a few weeks after reading a piece about the physical writing process — of handwriting with pen on paper and of tapping out words on a keyboard. I am so much of a keyboard person these days, as my handwriting can’t keep up with what I want to say. But I recognize there are conflicting thoughts on this, and it had me thinking of both sides. (And in a recent Reading Teacher PLC that I am part, the advantages of learning cursive writing for dyslexic students was new to me.)

This comic, taken from conversations in the past with students and with my own ideas on the nature of writing as a physical act. Despite what the comic says, this was not a research study or anything. It’s just a comic.

How do you like to write?

Peace (in the frame),

  1. Such a great question, Kevin! And I (and I think my students too) have different preferences for different tasks and different purposes. When I am deep into composing and have some sense of where I am going, I want a keyboard so I can (try) to keep up with my thinking. But when I am creating, searching for ideas, gathering my thoughts…I want paper and pen or pencil so I can scribble, write on angles, doodle, cross out, slide a note for someone else to add to. I’m glad to have options, and that’s an important reminder for me as a teacher for my students too!


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