192 Lines of Collaborative Poetry

#DailyConnect for #CCourses

(hear the poem)

Writing a collaborative poem in an online space is a messy, creative endeavor, and yesterday, as part of the Connected Courses, many people dropped by an open document to add to a poem that I started in the morning as part of the Daily Connect idea.

This morning, there were 192 lines written (give or take a few empty lines) and the collective piece of writing both shifts and turns in interesting directions and stays true to the focus of what it means to be part of a virtual network of people learning as we go.

Read the poem (and use the Timetable Slider to see the poem unfold in real time as the site captures keystrokes. It’s strangely fascinating to see the poem being written over time. Of course, I don’t expect you watch for 21 minutes, but you could.)

I thought it would be very cool if someone podcast the poem in a single voice, so …

Record audio or upload mp3 >>
(hear the poem: http://vocaroo.com/i/s00WbrKqEIj6 )

Peace (in the poem),


  1. It was exhilarating to contribute to this poem!!
    Thanks for the opportunity…
    (When listening this first time – I was searching fo r’my’ words – but really they are now our words!!)
    With warmth,

  2. To see the words form, and especially to see them change as edits were done was thrilling.

    What really struck me, though was knowing who was writing those words as I watched. It made me feel so connected, knowing that in that moment, I was looking over their shoulder as they created and that I could add my own voice to theirs.

  3. I had a blast doing this! The entire experience was brand new for me. Composing, thinking, and now listening to the poem today was purely magical. Thank you all so much for this awesome opportunity. I am marveling in all your talent!

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