1. Up early and feeling productive before we get up, vote and head for our LI getaway.

    I love the seeds idea and Terry sounds like a fantastic gift in himself.
    I’m having trouble, though viewing the Digital Story.

    Prob need the app.


  2. What a beautiful gift from your friend and what a beautiful story you wrote for him! Seeds hold so much potential! I love this. Thanks for sharing Kevin! (Will I be seeing you at NCTE?)

  3. Stories are seeds, too, so I cannot say thank you. Just like seeds they belong in their use to the living. If I say thank you, then I own the story and their seeds. No one owns the story, but we can point to the giver. I am truly grateful for the giver of the story. We are only conduits for the Muse humbling as that is. We are all humbled before the Piper at the Gates of the Dawn (http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/grol/grahame/wind07.htm)

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