176 Collective Hours of Coding and Programming

Do the numbers matter? Not really, but it does energize my students when I work to calculate the combined and collective number of hours we spent this past week doing Hour of Code and related activities. This chart will be going up on our class blog this weekend.

Hour of Code 2014

This includes:

  • Collaborative problem solving on the Frozen game with our kindergarten buddies;
  • Angry Bird coding on the Interactive Board;
  • Flappy Bird coding collectively and individually;
  • Working on programming and designing our science-based video game projects.

Do the numbers accurately gauge the interest of my four classes of sixth graders in the coding and programming concept? Not even close. They were invested and engaged, and even yesterday, a fair number were still working on coding activities during breaks with their game design projects.

It’s all good …

Peace (in the chart),

  1. I really like when you use Canva here, Kevin. I really also like the quantifying here. For me that is after the fact and supportive and a way of marketing more and similar hours of coding. To me, it is really good as a tool to show parents what is happening on a data level then it allows for a deeper dive into stories about what happened. Precision + romance = profound support from all stakeholders (or what amounts to all within the bounds of human nature).

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