My One Little Word for 2015: Pause

It it just me, or is the world cruising by? Last year, my One Little Word was “make” and I did make a lot of stuff over the months of 2014. This year, for 2015, I have decided to “pause” and reflect a bit more. I am one of those “dive in and let’s see” kind of people, and sometimes, I feel as if it is too much. I am giving myself this word to give myself permission to pull back.

I made this animated text over at this site, which is rather nifty.

Peace (in the word),


  1. I think that both your words describe what we are trying to do with our #becomingeducational module ( Make: we have lots of making things: collages, drawings, blogs, Posters, digital me, real research… But this year we also stripped away quite alot of the content (they get LOADS of it – and the other three core modules of course are stuffed with it) – but what they don’t get is the hermeneutic space to think about it – to take it in – to mess it up and play with it. So – we put more space – more pause – in this year to see what would happen. Obviously we hope we get the balance right – and that the students see the space as the positive thing that we hope it is – and not negative space – empty and boring… Fingers crossed! And I hope you enjoy your space! Best, Sandra

  2. Kevin,
    Sometimes I read a word and think, “Why didn’t I choose that one?”. Your word is one of those words. Love it. Pause.


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