Slice of Life: Easing Back In

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I saw this Savage Chickens cartoon by Doug Savage yesterday and thought, maybe it’s not just teachers and students who find the first day back after a long break sort of disjointing.


We eased back into learning yesterday in my classroom, after catching up with our holiday gatherings, mishaps and adventures. There was a sort of glazed look on my students’ faces — you know that look? They are used to sleeping in, not waiting in the frigid morning air for the bus — so I kept the pace moving along — handing back writing assignments (what did I do over break? I read student writing), introducing the concepts of Figurative Language that we now move into, and then shifted into giving them time to finish/publish their science-based video game projects.

If they were done with their video game projects, their assignment was to play other students’ games and give feedback. Lots did. It was good. We had a few “ahhhhhh” moments but mostly, we are now ready move into our learning again today.

The new year begins … now.

Peace (in the share),


  1. I think it is so cool that your students get to learn how to make a game! I’ve done this before, but with poster board, not a computer. Your way is much better!

  2. As I drove to school yesterday, I completely rewrote my lesson plans in my mind because I realized how important it was to give students the time and space to ease back into our classroom life. We did a lot of reading and writing yesterday, just to get our wheels turning again. I think we will be ready to go today! I’m glad to know I was not alone in recognizing how important this “easing in” would be! Have a great day!


  3. I felt like a fish out of water myself yesterday. One of my students leaned close and whispered, “I forgot to read.” I leaned over and whispered, “We’ve got time to read, now.”

  4. Welcome back friend. I’m still in my pjs today and loving a bit of snow out there, finally. What???? Enjoying snow and wishing for a bit more? That won’t last long.
    Have a great 2015 and thanks for your help in getting Our 2014 out into the cybersphere…

  5. Oh it is so tough going back. I know exactly what you are talking about — that glazed look — We start next Monday so I get to linger a bit longer and think on how to start up slow and easy to get those motors running again.

  6. Oh yeah, it takes a while to ease back in! I had some students who were also out yesterday, so today was also a bit on the crazy side!

  7. Welll…that was pretty much my Monday. Still recovering today, but it definitely felt more “normal”. Thanks for the great cartoon!

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