Hey Terry, It’s Your Birthday

Nothing like some collaborative energy to celebrate a friend, and that’s what Maha, Simon and Susan and I have been up behind the scenes for our friend, Terry, whose birthday is today. We recorded a song, and then some thoughts — all via on online collaborative audio tool called Soundtrap (I’ll share out more about it later).

For now … Hey Terry, It’s Your Birthday!

And here is a bonus that I made for him, too. A comic series about our journey into the rabbit holes of technology.

Peace (in friendship),

  1. I know you have seen my comments elsewhere about this including a gathering of the birthday gifts on my blog, what a haul! The fact that you did this on the sly and coordinated and…well, I still have a dandy glow working. Building bonds and bridges and more bonds. Sounds like a public works project, and I suppose it is. Doing the public work of connecting. Grand in ways that defy language and logic and distance.

    Today’s captcha: I am azure. Dang, this thing is better than a Magic 8-Ball.

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