Slice of Life: Oh, That Snowy/Icy Day

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I just knew it. Sunday’s night’s forecast for Monday morning looked iffy, with rain and snow and ice and the temperature hovering just around freezing. Sure enough, the morning began with a series of phone calls: my school district, my wife’s school district, my sons’ school district, and then my wife’s cell phone — where she also has the cancellation texts sent — started to pipe up with an early morning soundtrack of alarm.

No school. (Well, no school for the boys and I — my wife, an administrator, still went in and worked in a quiet building all day).

So, what did I do?

  • Walked the dog and made the coffee
  • Blogged and tweeted in the morning, checked RSS feeds, added a few pieces to my Flipboard magazines
  • Tinkered around with annotations via Hypothesis (for the forthcoming Walk My World adventure)
  • Tinkered around with shared annotation feature on Diigo with Terry
  • Played and then assessed some student video games (see Peter’s game)
  • Finished reading aloud The Greenglass House to my son (good book! Second half had us hooked completely)
  • Finished reading How We Got to Here by Steven Johnson (good book! How one innovation impacts others is fascinating.)
  • Boys and I watched The Princess Bride, even though younger boy was one reluctant (he remembers watching pieces as a littler one and didn’t like it but his older brothers said ‘you have to see this movie’) and then he was glued to the flick. It’s a classic.
  • Watched Terry remix my poem (on his own snowy day). Kicked up the volume when the bass kicked in. Dang. That’s some good bass.
  • Strummed some chords on a guitar and then started to write a song. I had no lyrics on my mind so I dug around in my guitar case and found some lyrics of a friend. Worked them into a song called Running. Recorded on Garageband app. Sent it to him as a surprise gift.
  • Read more to my son (started The Boundless)
  • Finished the day on the couch with my wife, watching the first episode of Netflix’s Marco Polo (just ‘eh’ so far) before the Internet went down.
  • Read a few pages from A Drink Before the War by Dennis Lehane, and then drifted off to sleep

I guess the snow day had a lot going on … I just didn’t realize it until I wrote about it.

Peace (in the daze),


  1. Your day looks very busy, but filled with so many fun things that I’m sure it did not feel busy! Remixing poetry intrigues me….

  2. Your snow day sounds fabulous! Lots of the right kind of busy-ness, creativity, and family time! I’m longing for one of these days in Colorado!

  3. Hey I’m exhausted. What a great day!
    I’m wondering, could write a song for my 2015 video???
    That’s what I came up with yesterday in the shower.

  4. This was quite a productive snow day for you, Kevin. I enjoyed meandering through your links. With all this creativity running around in your head, would you like to offer a poem and photo combination for the Winter Whisperings Gallery? I am being very positive about receiving insightful perspectives on winter from colleagues.

  5. Kevin, your snow day seemed so productive. I enjoyed meandering through your links to see what a creative day you had. Speaking of creativity, will you take me up on my offer to send me a poem/photo of how winter whispers to you for the global Gallery ( I am being positive about the prospects of receiving offerings from colleagues.

  6. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. You’re supposed to be unproductive, unshowered, and lazy on snow days! You’re not supposed to be creative, innovative, and smart! Duh. 🙂

  7. You did all of this on your SNOW day???!! I’m with Dana on this one…although you’ve given me a few new tech toys to tinker with.

  8. Kevin,
    I always feel inspired by your creativity and the creativity of those around you. I admire your work. Thanks for sharing the little slice of the big work you accomplished.

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