Are You Ready to Walk My World?

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Last year, I saw some friends of mine — Ian and Greg — launching a project called Walk My World. They were dipping into ways that new literacies could be used in connected ways, with connections to ongoing exploration and research they are doing on literacy, and so I hopped on board. It was a very low stress, low barrier endeavor, with some classes of university students and other outliers (like me) joining in for media creation activities.

You can see what I did last year via this Storify that I had made.

Well, Ian and Greg around walking the world again, and as it was last year, you are invited. Find out more as they do a “slow launch” this week of Walk My World and see what unfolds in the weeks ahead.

Walk my World

I made these comics to help get the word out. Interested? Check out the Walk My World overview at Ian’s blog. Or go to the main Walk My World page, where prompts will be provided and resources shared.

Peace (in the walk),


  1. I am really excited about this idea of “Walk my world”, but I am more excited about just how many ways you are modeling for others how to capture their environment and their learning.

    I am particularly intrigued by the panoramic/360 degree look at your classroom and the ways in which you are stringing together multiple videos together to create a story. I wonder how you multi-media as playing a role in the way in which we document our learning environment as well as the ways in which we learn.

    Your emphasis on New Literacies is also something I would love to dig deeper into. How do you see these literacies (video, images, comics, and the ability to string them all together) as supporting more traditional literacies (reading/writing)? Do you see these as viable alternatives or do you see them in competition?

    Again, thank you for contributing to this idea. It will keep me going for quite some time to find all of the different artifacts of how people are making #WalkMyWorld a reality.

    P.S. This comment is a part of the #C4C15 project. Find out more here:

    • Hi Ben
      Thanks for the fine words and for the fine conversation. I jumped back to your post and your project and left you a note, and a poem, as another tether line across the Web.
      As to your questions: I do bring some of what I do myself into the classroom, but not all. I try to explore with an eye to myself as a writer and eye to my role as a teacher, and think about what makes sense for my students as writers. I do think that technology and digital opportunities are pushing up against what we define as “writing” and think “composing” as a term is making the comeback.

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