Mark Ronson: The Art of the Sample

I am a big Mark Ronson fan. I love how his music hits up against the modern sound and the classic sound (according to Ronson, in an interview about the recording process  in Tape Op magazine, it is all about the drums.) In this TED talk, Ronson talks about music sampling.

Sampling isn’t about “hijacking nostalgia wholesale,” says Mark Ronson. It’s about inserting yourself into the narrative of a song while also pushing that story forward.  — from TED site

And I noticed a TED talk playlist on remixing …

Peace (in the muse),

  1. Kinda serendipitous that the song I am working with now in the collaborative PopcornMaker mix is Ronson and Mars doing “Uptown Funk”. Wavelengths, man, wavelengths. I hope you get a chance to play in that sandbox:

    Also, as a long time reader of both the real and the virtual version of TapeOp, I gotta say what an incredible article it was.

    Thanks for the TED talk. Makes me imagine a Diigo Outline that would just contain the links and resources for learning how to remix and sample. Included in that would be resources for online and F2F tutorials and communities of practice. Is that the new model school? Or part of it?

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