Slice of Life: Where No Dog Dared to Go

(This is a post for Slice of Life, a regular writing feature with Two Writing Teachers).

Neither the dog (his name is Duke) nor this dog (my nickname in social networks is Dogtrax) wanted to brave the great outdoors this morning. The blizzard is here, and even as I write this, I can hear the winds whipping around the neighborhood.

duke in winter

Juno has arrived.

We think we’re ready: extra food, extra water, generator near the garage door, a trip to the library to stock up on additional books, etc, etc. I sort of wish I had slept in a bit more but the howling winds and the antsy dog had me up and outside.

Outside this morning, Duke was nearly dragging me to get back home, jumping on his back legs as if he were kicking his motor into high gear. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad out there, and I hope the snow is cold enough that it won’t cause power lines to fall.

Hang tight, if Juno is near you. Stay warm.

Peace (in the winter),

PS — I brought my camera outside, but most of the shots didn’t come out. These two did, and the hues of the world are interesting, particularly against the black lab background of Duke.

  1. Oh those labs! And yet, somehow, they really do have some pretty good instincts! Stay warm and safe! I just read ALL THE LIGHT THAT IS BETWEEN US- fabulous adult Holocaust read! Terrific story and take your breath away writing! Download it before the power goes out!

  2. Yes, the wind is whipping as I write this morning. I look at it as a chance to catch up on my blog reading, my professional reading, my personal reading and MAYBE I will even clean a closer and put away laundry. If the power stays on, it will be easier to get all this done. If not, I can still read 🙂 Stay safe. Enjoy the gift of a day.

  3. As I read this I hear Juno howling outside my house too. I love waking up early on a snow day and listening to the weather. There is something so peaceful about it all. Stay warm

  4. Thanks for letting us know a bit of what’s going on with you & Juno, Kevin. I like the pictures, too. Glad you have a generator!

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