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Joining in Nile Conference

I was able to join in a conversation taking place in Egypt yesterday, hosted by two friends named Maha. It was a conference called NileTESOL  and the session by Maha B. and Maha A. was about using online resources in the teaching of English. I participated in a Twitter chat for a bit and then jumped into a Google Hangout for a spell. (TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Think about that for a second: from my home in Massachusetts, USA, I was engaged in a discussion about teaching at a conference taking place simultaneously in the Middle East, chatting with folks in a hangout from South America (I think that’s where one of them was from) and listening to a student in France talk about how he uses digital media in the classroom (with my friend, Simon).

When we talk about the connected world and how it can open up new avenues for sharing, that’s the power of the connection.

Peace (across the world),

  1. It’s amazing how quickly things are developing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to remember how it used to be in a unconnected class/world. We have to find a time to hangout regularly Kevin 🙂

  2. I was teaching during this. Happily teaching but sadly missing this. There is no going back. Love how you have been able to cross over the may institutional boundaries that keep us artificially apart.

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  3. It was one of the best examples for what Being a Connected Educator and becoming a supportive community looks like. It was great to have you there Kevin.

  4. I totally agree with you Kevin. It´s a great time to be an educator and hanging out with likeminded people from time to time charges everyone else´s batteries! BTW yes, I am from Argentina, South America.

  5. Nice remembrance. Thanks for sharing. It was fun, indeed! Yes, it’s rather amazing to be connected live with video to folks all around the world in One Conversation! BTW, I’m in the Philippines!

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