False Horizons: A Found Poem, Remixed

You should read Terry Elliot’s post about a chart that Audrey Watters put together about the Horizon Report and its predications for trends in EdTech over the years. Terry warns us that when an organization like Horizon makes predictions, it shapes the future. He is more deep than that, though, so give his piece a read.

This was my take on the chart (which was interesting to read):

Horizons reports
And I could not resist a meme after reading Terry’s post.
Horizons reports
But I was also struck by Terry’s heartfelt views of the impact organizations like Horizon have on policy makers, and that led to a “found poem” that I then moved into Zeega as part of my push to make Zeegas until they close up shop soon.

Peace (in the think),


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  1. Now that is what I call ‘translation’. More and more I am substituting ‘translate’ for learn. I see your taking in and translating into and back out as real evidence of the internalizing that translation represents at its best. I am grateful for your work here, for translating. And for recognizing that while much is ‘lost’ in translation much is added. That whole post started as my attempt to translate Watters’ chart. I love the chart because it is in turn a grand translation of the Horizon Report from 2004-2015. Isn’t it incredible to be part of the ecomeme?

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