Slice of Life: Ice Falls

(This is post for Slice of Life, as facilitated by Two Writing Teachers each Tuesday. We write about small moments. In March, the Slice of Life goes daily for a month. Consider joining the effort to write every day.)

Ice falls #sol15

It was one of those nights and aims to be one of those days …
Peace (with one eye open),

PS — If need information about the March Slice of Life challenges, here you go:

PSS — a bonus Zeega to celebrate Slice of Life



  1. Sometimes it gets so cold here that the house “pops” at night. We used to live in a 100 year old, wooden house and some nights the popping woke me from a sound sleep. Very disconcerting! I don’t notice it as much now that our house is brick. It won’t be warm enough for our snow to start sliding for at least 4 weeks. Love your picture!

  2. Dogtrax,
    I have missed your poetry! I participated last year for the first time and fondly recall all your wise poetic Slices. I hope you are getting some sleep…surely Spring is around the corner.

    Thanks for the slideshow, too!! SO creative. I got 3 colleagues to join the challenge this year and plan to share your post.

    Thanks for all YOU add to this community! I’m a fan!!

  3. May I share this link as one of the BE INSPIRED features I do during the Challenge? If that’s okay with you, please email me at stacey{at}staceyshubitz{dot}com by this Thursday and lmk. I think a lot of people might like to try out Super.

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