Slice of Life: Sunday in the Car

(This is a post for Slice of Life, a daily writing challenge throughout March that is facilitated by Two Writing Teachers. Come write, too.)

Dad in the car #sol15

I was tempted to draw a map of my “life on the road” yesterday, driving around. But then I figured, today was a day to tap the “Super” app and create this Slice of Life. One of the prompts is “current status” and I know they mean “romantic status” but still … I was not available at all for anything other than behind the wheel.


Peace (in the share),

  1. That sums up the whole weekend. It doesn’t matter what the kids were doing, you were getting them there. 🙂 Thanks for always showing us minimally-techy people new things to use.

  2. I have to admit that there are days when I would not mind not being available because I am driving my daughter around. Good memories of great conversations. I might need to check that app.

  3. How well I remember these days! There was one notable day when I drove 150 miles to various sporting events, but never left the city of Denver. Pretty soon it will be “Dad unavailable, worrying about kids driving themselves places.” And then it will be “Dad too available, kids gone.” Enjoy these days, they go way too fast.

  4. I’m not yet at the stage where I’m driving my daughter “everywhere” but she’ll be five this summer and I get the feeling it will start soon. Looks like an interesting app. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those days of endless driving are well in the past for me – the days when I spent more time in my minivan than in my house! Love the app.

  6. Yes, there are days when the imprints of the driver’s seat is well established on my backside. I love the way you capture the status!

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