Slice of Life: Lifting Lines to Honor Writers

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(This is a Slice of Life post. It is part of a month-long writing adventure facilitated by Two Writing Teachers. You write, too.)

Slice of Life: I Lift Lines

I’ve written about my line lifting before … of reading other people’s blog posts, and finding a phrase or line that seemed particularly interesting, and then building out a poem from it, leaving it as a comment in the blog. I hope that folks get pleasantly surprised by it. (or at least, amused.)

Yesterday morning, I wandered to a few blogs via Slice of Life that I don’t visit all that often, hoping to catch a flavor of the writer and maybe a line that I could build off (that sounds like I am using Legos for poetry, doesn’t it?). I was not disappointed, and while my own poem collection is a mixed bag (some hold up more than others), that is the nature of the quick poet at work.

You can view all of the Line Lifted Poems here as a collection on Notegraphy.

If you were one of the bloggers I visited, thank you for lending me your lines. I hope you saw my poem as a gift. I was grateful that Greg, one of the bloggers, sent me my poem back, wrapped up in a lovely PicCollage.

A Line Lifter gets his poem back
Peace (from a line lifter),

  1. Wow. Just wow. This is a gorgeous piece of writing. I am sitting here trying to imagine the process. How you could find these blogs with words that knit together so perfectly. How you could create these poems. Wow.

  2. Kevin, I love this. I was thinking about it earlier in the day from last year and wondering if you would do it again. Then I went to read blogs in the evening and found your signature in the comments of one of the slices I read. Creative and inspiring.

  3. As always, you do not disappoint. I tell my students that i consider the best writing to be that which leaves me with questions, not answers…and I think I may need to amend that to include something else.

    Good writing leaves me thinking and shows me another angle.

    You’re a good writer, Kevin.

  4. This is so fabulous, Kevin. I’m jealous of the blogs you lifted from! But i’m thrilled that I have another lesson and blog posting idea. Thanks, so much.

  5. So very cool. I’d like to share this with my after school writing club and see what they come up with. Thanks for always sharing your creativity.

  6. I appreciated the poem you left behnd, it was a pleasant surprise. A technique that I may employ in the future. : )

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