Slice of Life: A Day for the Birds

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Some days just naturally end up with a theme. Yesterday was one for the birds. Literally.

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I took my youngest son to a Birds of Prey demonstration by a very knowledgeable educator named Tom Ricardi, who runs a rescue operation for hurt birds in Western Massachusetts. He regularly visits schools to talk about endangered species, in general, and birds, specifically. We’ve seen Tom before but that doesn’t ever stop us from gazing with wonder at the owls, hawks and eagles that he pulls out of his boxes. Yesterday’s highlight was a huge Golden Eagle, which is really a magnificent bird — much more beautiful and majestic than the famed Bald Eagle. In this kind of nature presentation, you can see how science can transfix kids, if it is relevant and intriguing.

Then, in the late afternoon, I took another son to see Birdman in the theaters. He’s been wanting to see it for some time, particularly after it won a bunch of awards, and I was intrigued, too. We were both surprised that it was still in the theaters, but I guess that’s one benefit of the awards. We were both blown away by the cinematographic element of the film, which has been edited to seem like one long shot, and by Michael Keaton’s re-emergence on the screen (although my son only knows of him from the Batman movies, appropriately enough, given the theme of the movie of a washed up movie star trying to find relevance while keeping his sanity).

And so, yes, a day for the birds .. but I am still waiting for the bluebirds to zip by my window, announcing Spring.

Peace (in flight),

  1. I love finding unexpected themes that run throughout my day! Wishing that spring announcing bluebird pops by soon!!

  2. Very cool! Sometimes while I’m driving I spot a Peregrine Falcon perched atop a light post and I have to keep from getting into an accident while staring! I never seem to spot them when I’m walking around though.

  3. What a wonderful day you too had! We have a Birds of Prey center here in Central Florida. I have not been in a while, but you remind me of how very awesome those birds are.

  4. My daughter used to love watching the hawks over at her elementary school field. Birds ARE awesome! Maybe I’ll be a bird-watcher in my next life?

  5. Tom Ricardi’s presentation sounds amazing. I’ve seen bald eagles in the wild, but never a golden eagle. By the way, I saw a bluebird this morning. I’m sure they’ll be heading your way soon!

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