We Play with Language and Words

invented words 2015

We play with language and words a lot in my classroom, and we recently finished up our Word Origins unit, which culminates in each student inventing a new brand-new word. They then use our classroom wiki account to add their invented word and definition (and podcast) to a collaborative dictionary project that has been underway for many years, with hundreds of invented words now in our online space.

Here is this year’s collection of words. I have students working to move these words into the larger wiki dictionary site.

Peace (Word!),

  1. Oh I love the idea of this unit and I’d love to know more!! It sounds amazing! The words are terrific! Awesome job!

  2. I would like to know more as well Kevin! This is very cool, very “Frindle-ish!” Love it! Thank you for sharing! Have a great conference!

  3. Word play is so much fun, and NOT a waste of time, thank you very much to the “standards” people. Great work, kids! Do you sell your dictionary at the end of each school year? “Fundraiser time!” LOL

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