Slice of Life: I Got a Rock in a Box

(This is a Slice of Life post, which is part of the daily writing challenge facilitated by Two Writing Teachers. You write, too.)

Write, Share, Give

When I got home from school yesterday, a package was waiting for me. I thought maybe some publisher had sent some books for me to review and then I saw the return address and thought, did I win some Slice of Life prize that I didn’t know about?

You see, it was a package from my good friend, Stacey Shubitz, who is part of the Two Writing Teachers team of teacher/writers. I ripped it open and found … this inside.

Cool. A rock with a message that keeps getting sent forward to other people. Yes, it is part promotional gimmick to spread the word of a new book about teaching students to be Upstanding citizens of the world through inquiry and decision-making but I like the main author (Smokey Daniels), I like the message, and I like the way something in the mail connects us to others. And I know just who I am going to send the Upstander rock forward, too, and why. They will be surprised (unless they are reading this right now.)

Peace (in the standing up),

  1. Clever marketing tool. Reminds me of when you used to send out the writer figurines to Summer Institutes. We had a lot of fun with Mark Twain. You should write about that for one of your slices.

  2. Your comments always show that you are a supportive upstander, so I get why you were sent the rock. It makes me think we could do something like that in school.

  3. It sure is a good marketing scheme! At first I was like, “this is kinda like a chain letter,” but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it’s also an honor. I’m glad it arrived safely. Can’t wait to see where it travels next!

  4. It would be easy to dismiss it as “just a marketing scheme,” but like you said, the message itself is meaningful. It’s a cool idea that could perhaps be utilized for a purpose other than marketing. Thanks for sharing this!

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