Slice of Life: Did Kentucky Win?

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March madness 2015

Did Kentucky win?

This is the question I woke with in my head this morning, and I am sure it will be the first question each of my boys will ask when they come down to breakfast.

We’re deep into the start of March Madness in our house, each with our brackets. They are all athletes, so they get caught up in the college basketball fever. Even the dog has a bracket. He chooses teams based on which closed fist he smells when presented with a match-up. The boys have a bet around whomever gets the most wins gets the dog on their bed for an entire week, instead of sharing him night by night. I don’t know what the dog gets if he wins (peace and quiet? Extra kibble?).

We saw a few upsets already, but nothing that took my bracket down yet. Yet. The Kentucky game was on too late for us for a school night, ย with a start around 9:40 p.m., but this weekend, our television will get more playing time than it has all year (we don’t watch a lot of TV in our house).

Yes, Kentucky won.

Peace (in the bracket),

  1. You brought right into your house with this piece. I love how the dog is such a part of your family. I’ve been reading dog books lately and this one scene would be perfect in a bridge chapter book. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m glad to see you have my team, UVA going far!
    I loved picturing in my mind how the dog’s bracket got filled out. Enjoy the weekend! I will be watching and cheering.
    Go ‘Hoos!

  3. I absolutely love that the dog has a bracket. That’s super fun. My husband gets completely into March Madness and I did too, before we had kids. Clearly we should get the kids involved and make this a family thing like you’ve done.

    My father and his brother used to fight over where the dog slept. My grandmother informed them the dog could make that choice. My dad started hiding dog treats under the sheets at the foot of his bed. He has always been a trouble maker.

  4. Kentucky won. Iowa State lost. The Iowans are bracing themselves for 2 big games today. I’ll be the one in the Northern Iowa t-shirt. And then I’ll put on my Hawkeye one after that. (I think you’ve inspired a slice. Thanks!)

  5. I always feel like an outsider this time of year. I know and care nothing about basketball. ๐Ÿ™ My 6th grade boys have eternal hope in me (I’ve been their ELA teacher since 4th grade) that I will respond to their enthusiasm when they come into my classroom every day to act out their favorite plays, report on their brackets, and ask if I watched. Even though I always say no, I didn’t watch, I smile and listen as actively as I can and laugh at their skits reenacting the games. They never seem deterred by my lack of knowledge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kevin, with two men in the house who love sports, I have never seen a bracket sheet like your show. I will have to ask my husband and son about that. Love that your dog is part of the basketball craze.

  7. Kevin with March Madness the craze in my house, I have never seen a bracket sheet like you show. I will have to ask my husband and son about that. Wow! even your dog is part of the fun.

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