Digital Poetry: The Wind Chimes/The Poem Unfurls

It’s April. Time for some poetry.

(icon pulled into shape by Leigh Anne Eck — @teacher4)

I do write poetry all year (why wait until April?) but it’s nice to be part of a gathering of other teacher-writers who intend to try their hand at digital poetry all month. It is always interesting to consider: What does technology do to our writing process? How does it shape what we write? How does it change the way we compose? Or does it?

I’ll see what unfolds from my end, but I wanted to start out the month on right foot …. I used a music app called Musyc to make the soundtrack here, and then used the soundtrack as inspiration for the poem (as opposed to the other way around).

Musyc works by dropping shapes onto a canvas. Each shape has a sound. Sounds bump into each other. It’s neat. I used to be able to share out the video of the music, but the app seems to be having difficulties with that option right now, so I took the audio out and layered it into Audacity with my reading of the poem.

Here is what I saw as I was making the song:
A wind chimes


  1. I, too, write poetry all year but I like the idea of celebrating it with others this month. I love the integration of music and technology into the poem! So creative!! I always learn something when I read your blog!! Thank you, Kevin!

  2. I love your idea of letting the music inform the poem. Wind chimes are inspiring. I need to try this out. So many ideas blooming this April morning.

  3. I checked in several times today on Mary Lee’s blog to see if you had submitted anything there! It won’t feel like April without you there. I love this poem, though, as always, I’m blown away by your use of sound. Wind chimes are one of my favorite things!

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