What #Rhizo15 Connections Sound Like (sort of)

Rhizo15 Network Visualization

A friend, Daniel Lynds, in the Rhizomatic Learning network has been collecting and sharing out daily visualizations of the connections people are making in the #rhizo15 community on Twitter. It’s interesting to see the nodes shifting and changing. Simon Ensor had this idea of animating the visualization. That got me thinking of stopmotion/time-lapse but I haven’t figured out an easy way to do that yet with any of the data visualization tools that I have seen or have access to.

Instead, I wondered: what does this all sound like? This plays into a big audio push of the #rhizo15 network this first week. What are we hearing?

So, I took a screenshot of Daniel’s visualization sharing from yesterday and I jumped into the Audio Paint program I have on my PC. This nifty little freeware takes a digital image, maps it out as digital bits and bytes, and then converts that information back into a sound file that you can download and use. Basically, your image becomes audio.

Here, then, is what the Rhizomatic Learning community connections sounded like on April 18. Pretty spacey. I did only a little editing of the sound, tinkering with the settings in Audio Paint and then merging two different audio files (of the same image, just different settings) to make one track. Notice how the intensity increases as the connections get tighter, and calm down where the connections are lighter. And of course, my¬†screenshot of Daniel’s sharing shows three different views in one image file (in fact, I think they are three different image files from Daniel.)

Peace (in the sound),

  1. I love that spacey sound. Hmm. Reckon this is going somewhere. Sure we will eventyally figure out the time lapse thing. Will need to get a series with regular intervals. Preferably the one with black background.

  2. Said it on Twitter and I say it again – really cool Kevin. I wonder, at the ‘end’ of the course, if we made made a long-ish track and paired them to visuals how that would be.

    Thanks again for jumping in and opening this up for discovery.

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