Utterly Irrelevant #Rhizo15 Data

In this second cycle of Rhizomatic Learning, Dave Cormier asks us to examine our notions of data and measurement, and if I read between the lines of what he wrote, we should be seeking to turn data analysis on its head. So, with that in mind, I offer up the Utterly Irrelevant Data Chart for the work that a bunch of us are doing on a collaborative RhizoRadio Play in the works ….


The only category that “counts” here (in my opinion) is the last one and that is the one that I had no data on. So I made it up. I gave it a number. It looks impressive, right? The other categories are close to being true but I would not stake my house on it.

Peace (off the chart),

  1. I want to push back a little. I think our metrics, when we are building networked learning spaces can tell us much.

    By your over exaggeration you altered the scale thus downplaying the contributions people did make.

    Thirteen writers and 15 actors is awesome! Why shrink this down?

    • I did it to make a point that we don’t want everything narrowed to numbers. That said, I agree. The collaboration with so many voices and writers is fascinating and yet, more than the data itself. Or so we hope it will be when all is said and done. I’m not completely against metrics but how data is used for top–down educational policy remains alarming on many levels.

  2. I love this and I love the exaggerated focus on collaboration. The collaboration and the relationships it creates are what remains when all the numbers and charts are a faint memory.

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