The Writing Game of PingPongPoetry

Terry Elliott wrote a lovely media poem about the rain, as a metaphor poem about the weight of things on the world (or, that was my interpretation). You have to read it. A piece of a line of his poem got my attention, for whatever reason.

… raindrops fall by all the rules

That got me writing an ancillary poem, built off that concept and riffing off his idea. I shared my response poem with Terry but first I sort of kept the poem hidden inside itself, as shape poem. I had this image of him scratching his head, trying to figure out the poem itself.

Poem about the Rain

A few hours later, I shared out the text of the small poem itself.

Poem about the Rain

This morning, I found that Terry had done a little work on my poem, removing elements to make something new.

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I like this PingPongpoetry concept, of one person writing and another person responding and maybe a little back and forth … all with poetry as the heart of the toss.

Feel free to take the rain concept another step further … share your poem out … play the writing game.

Peace (in the rain),

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  1. I think what is often forgotten in writing in general and poetry in particular is the play of it, the game of it. Sometimes quite serious, sometimes chaosfun. Glad we have had some serious play of late. Still in awe of the quick and happy audio work with the rhizoplay. I think pingpong podcast play is possibly in play.

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