Live, from the Web, it’s RhizoRadio

RhizoRadioPlay Promo #rhizo15

We’ve had a soft release of the RhizoRadioPlay, which was a collaborative writing and collaborative performance project for Rhizomatic Learning. (You can read my “behind the scenes” post here) While we made the file “live” over the weekend, we were waiting for Dave to mention it in his newsletter to the entire community before sharing it out (it did get shared out anyway … but we don’t get as mad as Madonna about such things … art should be shared …)

We hope you enjoy the show which we ended up titling “A Multitude of Voices: Mr X. Loses His Battle for Objectivity” … if you are on Soundcloud, please feel free to add comments as a way to annotate the play. We’re always looking for layers of involvement.

Pass the popcorn and the headphones … and hit play.

Peace (on the waves),

  1. Kevin, this is an awesome example of collaborative effort to show what connectedness is truly about. I tweeted this excellent work out.

  2. thanks for making this guys – absolutely love it, it is brilliant, genius and fantastically well executed!! I couldn’t pick all the voices…although I think I may know most. You and Simon are dead giveaways 😛 Love it!!!

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