What is CLMOOC? This is CLMOOC. You are CLMOOC.

I made a version of this overview of the Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration in the first year of the CLMOOC and I keep updating it each year, in hopes it will give folks an idea of the fun in store for the CLMOOC participants. It’s free. It’s a blast. And it’s facilitated by the National Writing Project and the Innovator Educator Network.

The website for signing up for information is here.

See you on the CLMOOC. We’ll be making cool stuff, together.

Peace (in exploration),

  1. I signed up a couple of days ago. I wondered if there was going to be a Facebook group for discussions. (Jim grins mischievously having come here from your bouncing balls post). Looking forward to clmooc wherever it lives.

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