Tracking the Flow of an Impromptu Make

Flow of a Make

I am not sure I have this completely correct but I am trying to track the flow of a Make project that was completely unscheduled and unscripted in the Making Learning Connected MOOC, and yet, gained traction among some CLMOOC folks (and continues to even now). I also recently got myself a stylus pen and wanted to try it out in my Paper app. It’s better than my fingers on the touchpad.

This began with Simon, folding laundry and wishing he had some audio to listen to. As per CLMOOC ethos, he decided to record his own narration and then put out the call to the CLMOOC community, asking folks to make audio and share it out. There is something powerful with voice and podcasting, and even in the very first year of CLMOOC, we were encouraging people to share their voices. Not many did. Simon found a hook that was both open-ended and connected, as indicated by the hashtag of #adhocvoices.

This morning, Simon curated the audio a bit in Soundcloud, and I made this comic after listening to files this morning and reading his own reflective post.


But Terry took it one step further, making the comic into a clickable curated file in Thinglink, with different pieces leading to different audio.

So, I did the “flow chart” at the top of this post — showing the flow, so to speak — of how I saw things unfolding from Simon’s initial call for voices, in an ongoing attempt to make as much of our creative work this summer with CLMOOC visible and maybe replicable in some fashion with either other educators or with learners.

The key here is expect the unexpected, and go with the flow. See where things take you. It’s that uncharted country off the map that we often talk about in open learning. Leave a few breadcrumbs so we can follow you. One caveat to my own reflection here is that many of those who have participated in this #adhocvoices are familiar folks, and we want the map to get larger, more encompassing of more people.

That might be you.

Peace (in sound),

  1. Lovely threads. I like the use of the Latin. Makes me think of John Cage, Indeterminacies, where every story takes a minute to tell, no matter how many words there are in the story. The complement to #adhocsounds is #nilsound : what’s the sound of silence to you? Where do you go to get to hear no other sounds but the One that lets you hear the voice in your head?

  2. I like the way you’r sequencing actions over time. This is a form of archiving network building that would be valuable in efforts to build movements of people to address local or global problems. You and others on the CLMOOC continue to share great ideas. Thanks.

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