Further ReMEDIAtion: From Poem to Picture Book

I’m nearing the end of this whole remediation experiment — of taking a single poem through various platforms to see what happens — and today, I want to share something that worked rather nicely, I don’t mind saying. I gathered up my poem and used it as the text of a picture book in Storybird.

Poem Remediation: StorybirdYou will have to either follow this link or click on the image to get to the story itself. Once the Storybird overlords approve it, I can embed it into my blog site, but not before then (unless I want to pay for the quickened look. I don’t want to do that.)

Here’s what I liked about this particular remediation effort: I made the poem a story of a journey, and I made the “voice” of the poem a young girl. That was done via the artwork that I chose for the story (if you haven’t given Storybird a chance, you should. It’s interesting, as you construct stories with art in mind first). But once I saw some of the art from the artist I chose, I had the story all set and synced in with the poem that I have been working with for days now.

This whole remediation is part of the Making Learning Connected MOOC and you can see some of my experiments here:

Peace (in the story),



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