Considering Curation: Google Collections

Google Collections Remediated Poem

One of the more important questions¬†of digital literacy, if you ask me, is how do we curate what we make into something manageable and something reflective. I have yet to come upon the perfect tool. I use Diigo’s Outliner at times. I keep a few magazines on Flipboard. Storify works for some things, and not for others. I could go on and on.

I noticed that Google recently unveiled a part of Google Plus called Collections. The Google folks suggest it is a way to gather up posts and images and more from Google Plus into something more manageable and shareable. (It’s also part of their push to give more preference to Google Photos and move away from Google Communities, I think.)

Last week, as I was working on a poem through various media in the Making Learning Connected MOOC, as part of the reMEDIAtion effort, I decided to give Collections a try, to see if it would help with curation of the work I was doing.

The result?

I don’t know. It’s OK. Just OK.

I was able share links, and add some reflections to put the piece into context. But I didn’t like I could not tinker with the order of posts, nor that I can’t seem to share the Collection outside of Google Plus (no doubt, part of Google’s plan to keep us inside the Google walls.)¬†Try this link. Tell me if it brings you to my collection. Thanks.

But “Just OK” is not really all that good enough, right? Still searching for the perfect curation tool of the digital age. I am open to suggestions.

Peace (in the cure-ate),


  1. The link worked for me. Was able to see your collection in my RSS reader’s built-in browser, which is not authenticated to any of my Google accounts.

  2. Yes. A while back, I took a look at these Google ‘Collections’ and I thought to myself …

    ‘Is that it?’

    And the answer was…

    ‘That was it.’

  3. Hey, do you think we could use this to re-do our #modigiwri collection? Sounds like you don’t have to have a Google account to view it. I want to do my next piece in that series. Yes, three years later…

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