Surfacing Connected Learning Principles

We’ve been toying with games at the Making Learning Connected MOOC all week but I was curious about how to map out some of the game ideas from everyone onto the principles of Connected Learning, which is the underpinning of the CLMOOC.

This Thinglink project is my attempt at doing that. Hover over the principles to find some links to games that meet the various elements of Connected Learning.

Peace (in the curate),

  1. Let the foregrounding begin. There are two categories I am working on now in #CLMOOC: 1) bringing connected learning principles to the fore and 2) speaking truth to community about community. Glad to see you bringing CL principles to the fore as well.

    Antispam: welt swab I patented a welt swab last week but I found prior art today when I used a bandaid to cover my burn.

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