Teachers Teaching Teachers: Classroom Inquiry, CLMOOC and More

At the end of Teachers Teaching Teachers the other night, host Paul Allison asked for some final thoughts. I looked at my Google Hangout screen and saw Mia and Paul and Karen and Joel and Julie (she left when her phone died) and Michael and I could not help by say something about, “hanging around with some of my favorite people” is all I could muster for reflection.

As usual with TTT, we covered a lot of ground that began with classroom inquiry projects, moved into the ways that CLMOOC has informed our teaching, and shifted into other various topics.

Peace (and thanks to Paul and Karen for hosting TTT),

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  1. Paul’s TTT is a national educational treasure and with the addition of Karen Fasimpaur it has only gotten better. All praise to those who keep on!

    antispam: always go. The phrase ‘always go’ is the wicked lame version of Mojo Nixon’s admonition, “Keep On!”

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