Looking Past the Screen

Screen timeA friend in the Making Learning Connected MOOC did an interesting art/media activity … her daughter had given her a nifty birthday card of a woman in a dress, but the dress was cut-out, allowing you to see the world through the folds of the dress. You hold up the card, and while the frame is the same — the woman, smiling — the layer beneath the flowing skirt is whatever you hold the card up against.

Check out Wendy’s post to see the images.

I saw that and thought: how simple and how amazingly cool, and then decided, I need to give that a try. So I did.

I made a drawing of a computer, and cut out the screen, and then decided to make a commentary on seeing the world beyond the screen. It’s a reminder of the beauty of the world all around us (ironic, I know, in that I am sharing the idea on your screen).  This is a collage of some of the images that I ended up taking.

Real screen collage

Give it a try. See what happens. The results are pretty interesting, I think.

Peace (in the view),

  1. I spent the past few days beach camping with my daughter. My phone died the first few hours there. It was amazing to be out of touch even for 2 days to experience the world without that tiny screen beeping, posting, flashing. I was able to really enjoy the beach. Although my daughter still had her phone, we found that we used it much less, and connected much more. Something to be said for just experiencing, and not tweeting or posting your way through an event. That being said, I missed being on a Google Hangout for #clmooc because I couldn’t connect using my daughter’s phone, but the trade off I think was definitely worth it.

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