1. What you have documented is connected learning and what Nick Sousanis refers to as unflattening. The messification of the world by increasing “parallax”. My whole argument in the original comic (and I do think of it as a comic) was that reciprocation was one of the requisite initial conditions for any of the connected learning principles and values. What happened yesterday was proof in practice. What I especially liked was that the rising complexity came from the initial conditions of reciprocity just like chaos theory tells us it does. Our web pages are flat but world they live in is multidimensional across time. Or as Sousanis says, upward and downwards not just north,south,east,and west. We’re not in Flatland anymore, Kevin.

    Anti-freaking-spam 4 2day: sob rider According to my urban dictionary, an s.o.b. rider is someone who hitches a ride on somebody else’s dime. You s.o.b. rider! You pirated my maelstrom! J/K, K?

    • In the post, I tried to purposefully leave out context and let the visual happen. I imagine some will say, “Say, Huh?” when they see it and wonder about the ping-pong effect. I had hoped others might join in but maybe the pace of the shuttling back and forth between media intimidated others. Or maybe it was Sunday and the folks were offline, unplugged. Or maybe they did not have the context for engaging in a media practice that surfaces connected learning. Surely, it was messification.
      I’d like to squabble a bit about whether your initial image is a comic or not. It seems more flowcharty to me. But your push to have it viewed as a comic is what had me do the first iteration, in the comic maker. Looking at your first piece, it seems more of a flowchart, pushing things along. But when you called it a “comic,” I looked for panels … and gutters (see later joke) … and shout-out balloons … and characters … but I wonder if we need all that? How defined must our definitions of comics be?
      Why did you call it a comic?
      Curiouser and curiouser …

      • Panels, page, comic grammar (albeit spiral with numbers and arrows to help show movement), tweets as dialogue callouts, and a narrative with lots of characters. I think we can call a tweet an identity with a speech bubble without much of a stretch. And the rhetoric is visual not paragraphs although it gets paragraphy at the end. And the idea is, like Sousanis often shows an overall visual metaphor that supports the ideas in the panel–in this case a spiral.

        antispam: least see. We can at least see a movement toward the visual, isn’t text in tweet form a visual object? Heck if I know. Call it what you want. Let’s just go bowling.

  2. You two are brilliant. And this is great – the comic battle which happened so fast and now the articulation in the comments section. The reason I didn’t join in is because I’m not as adept at the technical side. Lots of ideas but need time to learn new making skills. Wasn’t prepared to pay $68 for Snagit. I think if my technical/making skills were improved I’d be able to capture the concepts that fly around in my head. Thank you for being brilliant!

    • This is where danger can creep in … leaving people out who want an entry way in but can’t find the door … Terry and I were building on past experiences via CLMOOC, Rhizowhatever, and more … and could riff … but were others feeling invited in? I know his initial invite was inclusive .. but once I responded, did the world tilt in only one direction?
      No need for real answers to those questions … but this is what sits at the back of my mind (it’s a crowded place some days)
      Thanks for taking the time to join the conversation here

      • The only way is to help Tania play the game. The repertoire is not that extensive to get in the game. I think the attitude of play is the one that gets folks hung up. I felt very bad to exclude anyone. No like. Want more messiness in the mix. Want more mix. Gotta get Tania into the game.

        antispam: outlay, ha Told my landlord the other day, you lucky to be getting any outlay much less any inlay (stolen from Geo.Thoroughgood lyric, back rent? you be lucky to be getting any front rent)

        • Easy entry … open invitation … Maybe we had the open invite part (that was you) but the entry was not easy (that was me?) when I began pulling things into comic makers …

    • yeah, gotta be a cheaper way, i got my copy free eons ago and they have let me carry on updating for nada. I will see if I can talk to some folks there and get you a copy. Lord knows I have given them enough digital ink over the years. AND we can look for better alts for you. What is your operating system? prefer mobile?

      antispam: hic wands In my part of Kentucky we don’t cotton to no Hogwarts. The only wand being wielded round hyar is a hick wand–what some folks call a gun.

  3. Ha ha! I will not be defeated by lack of technology. I have 2 and a half offerings. One is a sauce (reduction)


    Then a musical paragraph (written by my son just now – I asked him to look at your comics and remixes and compose from his impression)

    This is the midi version which I think suits the comic game world more

    Haha, my spam was outwit in

    • I love all three .. your cutout remix was perfect and the music by your son is music to my ears … love the transfer from the page to the musical realm … it’s all interpretation of the world ..

  4. You guys were busy yesterday. The rabbit hole graphic made me think of a jail cell. Has the juiced up creativity created a prison that locks in ideas where others won’t have a key to get in?

    I followed the reference to the comic creation app. Is that free, on a PC? Or only via paid subscription?

    • Hi Daniel
      It’s interesting that the work brought up a jail visual for you. I didn’t see it or feel it that way at all. But your comment has me looking again at what we did …
      Bitstrips for Schools is a private/paid site but there is a free public version: Bitstrips.com

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