Twitter Chat Preview: Are You? Can You? Will You?

Join_the_CLMOOC_Twitter_ChatIs it Thursday already? Tonight, we will be hosting a Twitter Chat for the Making Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) and we invite you to come along for the ride … er, discussion … as we share out thinking about open spaces and public parks and other threads from the current Make Cycle that we are in.

CLMOOC Twitter Chat

  • When: Tonight (Thursday)
  • Time: 7-8 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Location: Twitter
  • Hashtag: #CLMOOC
  • What to bring: ideas, questions, insights and maybe an image or media to share
  • Suggestion: use the Tweetchat site as a way to manage the flow of discussion.


And I made this a few years ago: How_to_Survive_a_Twitter_Chat
Haven’t gotten outdoors yet? This handy flowchart might help you make that decision. Flowchart to get outside

And if you missed our Google Hangout/Make with Me the other night, it has now been archived and posted. We talked about youth outreach, the US National Park System, engaging teachers in the outdoors, and the Every Kid in the Park initiative. (The chat roll archive is here, too)

I hope to see your tweets tonight!

Peace (in the sharing),

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  1. The last two twitterchats I practiced slower tweeting. When a question was asked in the chat I paused for 90 seconds to consider perhaps writing too, then I tweeted. I also took a 30 second pause to consider what someone else had written before I responded.

    I did not do this every time but most of the time. It felt better in my mind and, more importantly, in my heart. Your mileage may vary, but we are in control of parts of the technology, so make like an Amish and adapt the tools for your use.

    Most profound anti-spam evah: aim false I aim false because I know that aiming true is an illusion. All truth is a successive approximation of the less false, humility demands that realization.

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