These Open Maps Will Remain Our Open Stories

A friend in the Making Learning Connected MOOC asked me this weekend if the maps that we have used in the CLMOOC — the one that kicked off the start of the CLMOOC where we introduced ourselves geographically and then the one that was at the heart of the CLMOOC where folks geotagged their parks and spaces — would remain open even as the CLMOOC began winding down.

Well, yeah, of course the maps will remain open. It never even occurred to me that I would close off access. In fact, I am curious if a look back at the maps from the future will reveal more pins and media and such, and maybe give more evidence of the reverberations of the CLMOOC beyond the summer months.

Oh, sure, I guess we could get some spam here and there, but so what? The maps were designed to be open and open they shall remain, telling the story of the CLMOOC.

Here, be dragons …

The First Map:

The Second Map:

Peace (along the longitude and latitude),

  1. Thank you for all the things you make for everyone, for all of us. I agree that the created things should continue to live. And who knows who will stumble across them in the future and what they will make of them?

  2. Thanks, Kevin for starting us off and then creating a sense of continuance, Continued Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration…

  3. Thanks to you and others for co-hosting and facilitating involvement by myself and others. I hope to see many continuing conversations that were sparked by some of the things we talked about this summer.

    One that is of keen interest is how do we expand participation in this community from people of color, people from big cities, and people representing kids who don’t have equal learning opportunities and community supports to most other kids in America. In such a conversation the maps are critically important because they can show growth in participation, and can lead to discussions where people from different places share lessons of how they were able to build participation, thus providing ideas others can borrow and implement in their own areas.

    Since most of the CLMOOC community are educators, I’m eager to see how you innovate ways to involve young people in this learning and problem solving.

    This is a process. I hope to stay connected to all of you in the months between now and the next formal MOOC and that when we meet again our reflections can report on some of the journey and trails we’ve blazed between now and then.

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