Ten Reasons Why I Love #CLMOOC

I’m in reflection mode right now with the Making Learning Connected MOOC … mainly because I know I am going to miss a final #CLMOOC Twitter Chat night, as a reflective gathering of the tribe.

Ten Reasons Why CLMOOC Rocks – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

How can you reflect? Use this from the newsletter:


…Twitter Chat for Make Cycle #∞ on Tuesday, August 4, at 4p PT / 7p ET / 11p UTC with the #clmooc hashtag. We’ll use a Google Doc to do some shared reflective writing, and then use these reflections as the basis of our chat.


If you look into the CLMOOC Make Bank you’ll find a range of ways that folks have reflected in the past, including:

Peace (in the think),

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