The Beginning and the Ending: An Image

Start of fall, end of summer
Kim had us thinking of how to capture the start of something or the end of something via an image, as part of our Photo Fridays adventure. (Actually, she is gathering folks to do an image a day for September. I don’t think I can do it, but you might want to try. At least, follow along with her ideas for photos as literacy.)

I live in New England, and already, the trees are beginning to change. We know it’s coming, this thing we call Autumn, but to see it happening in a few select trees (the same trees, changing first every year, and those are the trees we think of the dreaded Harbinger of Winter on the Horizon.)

I found this leaf on a walk and it seemed to perfectly illustrate the start of something (Autumn) and the end of something (Summer) with its color pattern. The deep green, run through with golden brown. It is as if the leaf was resisting. Resistance is futile.

Autumn is coming … maybe it is here.

Peace (in the air),


  1. Welcome to Autumn and the start of a new year. I know you’ve been in school last week but here’s to you great teach!
    Have a wonderful year, my friend.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your 2015-16 journey.
    Too bad we are low on rainfall, that will make the leaves come and leave us too soon.

  2. The leaf I think explains a lot of people’s feelings this time of the year. The beauty of the brown and orange and the sadness of giving up the green.

  3. The leaf DOES look like it’s resisting!

    I’m happy autumn is almost here. I’m looking forward to apple cider, cooler temps, festivals, and time with family. Routine can be boring to some, but there’s something about coming back to a sense of normalcy in the fall that makes me feel grounded.

  4. I agree that photo captures both a beginning and an ending. It sends shivers up my spine to think of what’s coming… and what we’re saying good-bye too. I’m resisting, like the leaf.

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