Typing with My Voice: A Poem Constructed on the Fly

(This is for Slice of Life, a writing activity hosted by Two Writing Teachers)

Using Speech to Text tool

I wanted to try out the new feature in Google Docs that allows you to speak so that the computer will type for you. (See the Google site for more information). I have to say, speech recognition has sure come a long way, and now I am wondering how I can bring this into my classroom for struggling writers once we get into our Google Apps for Education accounts this year.

The Voice tool wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough for me to write this poem on the fly and then do some quick editing on it. I wrote a poem, inspired by flowers on the table. I realized later that you can add in some simple commands for line breaks and punctuation. I’ll remember that for next time.

Peace (you hear me?),


  1. I’ve been using this feature on iPads for a while, so i was glad to see it in google docs. I get a few kids who have much to say and who read a lot but who are challenged when it comes to fine motor skills.I need to work on those, but I also need them to see how big their ideas are. This voice tool does just that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for showing me how well it works- I have been waiting for this feature to be active on my GAFE docs and am thrilled it is now LIVE. Like you, I look forward to exploring its use with students.

  3. Kevin, I am so excited that you showed me a new toy. I will be able to compose my thoughts more quickly than before when I am thinking through poetry. This tools will work well with all readers and writers.

  4. I will definitely have to explore this, as we are a Google district–and with new iPads in the library, to boot! Thanks for the inspiration!

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