Writing Goals for Writing

As I’ve mentioned, I am piloting a digital portfolio system this year with my sixth graders, and I am trying to establish some reflective practice as they are writing throughout the year. Setting goals for writing class is one of those early activities, so they were working last week in Google Docs and then in Google Slides to establish three goals for themselves as writers this year.

I did model my own, but as I look over all of the goals that were submitted, I notice that too few were very specific enough, and I suspect we will be revisiting the goals, revising a bit to get more specific. (Now I know why we have SMART goals as teachers, with the emphasis on “measurable” in the mix).

Still, I was pleased by much of what my students wrote about wanting to accomplish this school year. There are budding poets, and story writers, and there are even those who know they need to be more attentive to spelling and grammar. A few chose expository writing and research writing as areas that will be on their radar screen. More than handful referenced technology and media as elements of writing in their goals.

Peace (in looking ahead),

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