Slice of Life: Sixth Graders in the Wild

(This is for Slice of Life, a regular feature with Two Writing Teachers).

Study of Sixth Graders

My latest column at Middleweb is a humorous take on an ethnographic study of my four classes of sixth graders. I was trying to have some fun, even as I was thinking of the trends of class characters that can emerge after a few weeks of teaching into the new year.

Read An Unofficial Field Guide to Sixth Graders in the Wild

Peace (and quiet),

  1. I just wrote about you yesterday because you have completely inspired me to focus on how to get teachers to write more about what they do in the classroom in more real research driven ways. I love how that is a part of your life. I wonder if NWP has more to do with how you focus your writing. If maybe that might be the path new teachers should take to help prepare them more for being more professional about who they are as teachers. Does that make sense? I can’t stop thinking about this concept!

    • I am humbled by your kind words, Kimberly, and … thank you … I was a writer before NWP but NWP helped me become not just a writer, but a (still developing, always developing) teacher of writing, too.

  2. Too funny. You really captured middle schoolers. I have two Humanities cores. They are both Chatterboxes. Every other day I have a Reading Enrichment class. They are The Silent Squad.

  3. It is interesting how different groups take on a persona. I love that you shared this in cartoons. Hope some new teachers saw this & learned!

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