What’s Really Important: The Unofficial CV Activity

The “gearing up and getting ready” stage for Digital Writing Month is underway … with a sort of teaser, pre-writing activity in which we are encouraging folks to create an “unofficial CV/Resume” of what is really important. The title of the post is important: Your Story, Your Terms.

The whole idea is try to turn the act of making CV with its narrow focus on our world of work on its head … by tapping into various modes and mediums, and using those elements to better express the person you are, in your own terms.

Here’s mine, in comic form:

Kevin's Unofficial CV Comic

What will your Unofficial CV look like? Come share it within and beyond Digital Writing Month.

Peace (outside the frame),

  1. I love that “I” asked you the hardball question at the end. Maybe I should make a CV of the times my character has shown up in your comics over the last few years…

  2. Kevin,

    I have issued a challenge to you to tag&hack My Geographic CV poem from my blog post (http://bit.ly/digiwrimo) where I tie my geography into an entirely different type of degree, position, publication and sense of importance. – hope to see you there

  3. I love how your brain makes comics. I need to learn more about how to do this. I think it gives you a more focused written piece because of the boundaries of the boxes. So it’s creative and delineated.

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