Gearing Up to Make, Hack, Play

Making Hacking Playing at NEATE

I am heading across the state tomorrow to the New England Council of Teachers of English to facilitate a three-hour session in hopes of bringing forth the ethos of the Making Learning Connected MOOC into a workshop for teachers unfamiliar with Connected Learning and the CLMOOC.

We’re going to make, hack, and play … to pull a phrase from Bud Hunt (and later, Karen Fasimpaur) that has become┬áthe title of my workshop at NEATE … with mapping activities, avatar creating and game hacking, all with a reflective stance on how Connected Learning might open up possibilities in the classroom for student learning and engagement.

Bringing the ethos of an online community into a live space is sort of an unknown … but building bridges from the open learning from the CLMOOC and the principles of Connected Learning into a session where we can be doing things and creating connections is an exciting possibility.

I’ll let you know how it goes …

Peace (in the make),

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  1. Good luck to ye. Let the spirit of the pirate take hold and keep yer cutlass at the ready. And grog. But no hardtack. Me hates that stuff with a dread damned passion.

    Antispamispittoonery: maths yep Teacher 1: Do you like math? Teacher 2: Speak English, Yank. T1: Do you like maths? T2 Maths? T1: Mathematics. T2: Maths? Yep.

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