#DigiWriMo: Time to Make the Comics

(I had written this to be posted yesterday but the horrific events in Paris stopped me in my tracks. A post about comics did not seem appropriate. Forgive me if it still isn’t time. — Kevin)

I had to take a day off on Friday for a doctor’s appointment (my eyes are good) and as we wound down our theme of visual for Digital Writing Month with two posts about comics and graphic stories, I decided to use some of my time at home to try different platforms to make different comics in between working on some other projects. This comic making coincides with some of the work that Terry Elliott is doing for Digital Writing Month around composing with various media, and his focus on comics.

First, I used Dave’s Awesome Rage Maker Comic site to present a commentary on what happens when an administrator pops into a classroom, expecting traditional writing, only to find students engaged in making comics. Yes, this has happened to me.

comics from an adminstrators view

Second, I received a wonderful letter from my friend, Susan, as part of the CLMOOC and Beyond Postcard Project. She sent more than a note. She sent along three cool, crazy characters, and one had a speech bubble asking to be put into a comic. So …. I used my Comics Head app (I have the premium app but this is link to free one) to create this one.

Susan Sends Me Creatures

Third, I went into Stripgenerator to make this comic. I find myself thinking about characters in my comics thinking of me, the writer, and what they would think. I’ve done some variations on this before. But here, I was making fun of the fact that I can’t really draw and rely instead on prefab characters from platforms and apps.

existential comic angst

How about you? Wanna try your hand at a comic? Or how about just a caption for a comic? I’ve been sharing this comic across spaces this weekend and asking folks to come up with the caption, as a sort of riff off the back page of The New Yorker.

Caption This Comic

Add your caption to the comment bin here.

Peace (in the frame)

  1. Rectanglosity: I am used to ones and zeroes as my heroes. What is that horrifying vision, CircleWhatsit?

    CircleMan: Not to worry, friend. Just a dab of color.

    R: But it has….depth?

    C: Yeah, freaky eh?

    Antispamestablishmentarian: god brick I kid you not–god brick. We have this view of god as elevated and above the fray, you know separating the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the chaff, although I really think god should work a bit on modernizing the agricultural metaphors–maybe apples from the androids or baby boomers from the millenial. Anyway god is really a brawler who like to throw god bricks on the anthill and see what happens. It could be worse, might use that magnifying lens, in fact that would explain global warming.

  2. Kevin, you must link up this post to DigiLit Sunday. http://wp.me/p1gQxn-1mC

    I have got to get on the bandwagon here and start using comics. My kids would go bonkers. Maybe that’s what scares me?
    Will I see you at NCTE?

    My caption: The day the crayons came back to work.

    I am going to steal this comic of yours to ask my kids to write about. OK?

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