#DigiWriMo: Thread Your Voice Through This Comic


We’re taking a project from last week’s theme of “visual” in Digital Writing Month and moving it into this week’s theme of “audio” by inviting you to collaborate in a Voicethread project.

Here’s what we have done: We asked Mahmoud Shaltout if we could use his graphic story of Writer’s Block for an audio project. He graciously said “yes” and so we now have the panels of his story in a Voicethread project. This now opens up the comic to all of us, to comment or read through his narration, or add another layer to his work.

He has even transcribed his comic into text format, if that helps you.

You can either access to the Voicethread project here, with this link, or through the embedded version down below. You will need a free Voicethread account to add voice, or text, or drawings, or video. (Voicethread has many options for interaction.) Just click on the PLUS sign at the bottom of each page, choose the kind of comment you want to make, and get started.

Come join us. Add your voice. Let’s get collaborative with Mahmoud’s comic. You are invited.

Peace (beyond the frames),



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  1. Hi kevin, I’ve just used this example to show some colleagues the usage of VoiceThread. It is now being integrated with Blackboard Learn (LMS)….so my open learning with #DigiWriMo has been a great preparation for that!

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