#DigiWriMo Sound Stories: The One I Made

Sound Laboratory 2

(flickr photo by Attila Hajdu http://flickr.com/photos/attilahajdu/5321511238 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license)

I’ve been moving “Sound Stories” into my writing classroom the past two weeks, teaching students how to write a story that incorporates sound effects/audio as part of storytelling, and then diving into Garageband to “compose” a piece with sounds embedded into the narration.

I am writing a longer piece about the┬áteaching of “sound stories” in the classroom (an idea borrowed heavily from play with DS106, by the way) for Middleweb, but I want to share out bits as part of Digital Writing Month‘s exploration into audio.

This is the story I created to share with students as a mentor text of sorts. Tomorrow, I will share out some collaborative sound stories that we built together as classes, and then later this week, I will share out a collection of sound stories by students.

Peace (in the sounds of the world),

  1. I do not know how you get such quality work and incorporate such different technologies. My kids get so crazy when I introduce new things that it can be hard to reign them in to get stuff accomplished. These are great.

    • It’s not always easy … particularly the “ending point.” I sometimes have to say (as I will today, probably): this is it. You’re done or not done. Now, reflect on experience (which is the main learning point anyway).

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