Writing Out Instructions: Game Hacking

Game hack instructions

My students are hacking the card game, UNO, as a way for me to talk about game design and game mechanics and creative thinking, as well as to weave in expository writing, speaking and listening skills, and scientific engineering principles (shhh .. don’t tell them that part … they just think they are playing games).

Yesterday, on our second 20 minute design challenge, they had to revisit the rules of their hacked games they worked on earlier this week and as a group, they were tasked with collectively writing out an instruction “manual” in clear, concise language so that, next week, another group of students can play their games.

Game hack instructions

Lots of discussions and revising and clarifying and making visible what was inferred took place, as they tried to play the game through a visitor’s eyes. I’m not sure all of the instructions are as clear as they could be, but we will have “home station hosts” at each game area to help others understand how to play the games.

Game hack instructions

Peace (in the game),

  1. I am amazed by how similarly our classes are working. Tho mine are college freshmen and yours are 6th graders 🙂

    Oh wait. We talk a lot 😉

  2. I want to do this! My kids love playing games and we often do as a way to warm up the brain. I need to pick your brain to understand how to use these tasks as a way to cover the standards. I pull them out for Gifted and Talented. I am required to make sure that whatever they get on their report card at a 3, becomes a 4 which is just a deeper understanding and ability. Do you use Voxer? I’d love to chat about his more.

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