Book Talk: Youth Culture, Youth Practices

Participatory Culture slowread – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

The second chapter of Participatory Culture in a Networked Era is a fascinating discussion and inquiry in ways in which youths use technology and digital media on their own terms, and I appreciate that Ito, boyd and Jenkins tear into the notion of a Digital Immigrant/Digital Native divide. I hope we can all agree by now that such a dichotomy is too simplistic to be of any value.

I went back to my highlighted notes and pulled out some quotes that I like from the three researchers in their discussions, and put them into Haiku Deck for a visual tour of the chapter.

Peace (in the think),


  1. I am uploading an iMovie response to your Haiku Deck call. I exported your deck as a keynote file then imported that into iMovie. Pretty easy. Been wanting to play around with just that combo for awhile. I will be adding some of my own quotes, maybe changing music (getting all my music from the Free Music Archive lately), and adding more text and gifs. As soon as it uploads it will be here:

    antispamcinematography: know gins… I gotta say I don’t know my gins like I know my bourbons. It has always seemed like such a summer drink and that it needed to be brainpopping hot for the cool juniper taste would calm the 100 degree shade.

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