My One Little Word for 2016: Remembering

(This is a Slice of Life post, part of a weekly writing adventure with Two Writing Teachers. Come write, too.)

I’m not losing my memory, but I do find the quickening flow of information and all of my making of media creates this underlying sense of anxiety about remembering. About curating the conversations and the creating so that I may learn from what has been done (and maybe do better next time). Remembering “the here and the now” before “what comes next” comes next.

So, my own little word for 2016 is “Remember.”

Remember the little things of life.

Remember the largerĀ things of life.

Remember the context of all those things as they play out.

Remember to connect, offline as much as online.

Remember to write to reflect.

Remember to put each day in its proper perspective.

Remember that for some young people, you are the anchor point in their lives.

Remember that each act has potential to change the world.


Last year, for 2015, my one little word was “pause” and a gif that I created for that word sat on my desktop all year long. I did, in fact, pause as I saw the word each morning, but maybe never quite long enough. Still, I remembered the pause because I left a sign-post for myself.

I am not retiring “pause” — merely, adding it to my daily thoughts, and maybe adding it into this year’s word, too. Pause to remember. I need a “one little phrase” more than “one little word,” perhaps.

And a poem:


Peace (in the memory banks),


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  1. Ah, I love it! I love the way you defined your remembering. I look forward to hearing about how it helps you this year.

  2. Oh I love REMEMBER. It’s certainly closely related to PAUSE. Happy New Year and I’m excited to see what things you will REMEMBER in 2016.

  3. I still have not found my word! And so many of you have such great insight into your choosing of your own that I must decide on mine this week! I really like your idea of needing one little phrase. I think I might be needing that too but won’t go there. Gotta stick with being concise! Happy New Year!

  4. I am continually inspired by your thinking. In fact when I I try to think about how to do something differently, I often check out your blog to see how you’ve done it. I hope to work with you more on NWP stuff this year. Remember that.

  5. I tend to say (to myself) “Don’t forget” & in front of those beautiful phrases you added to “Remember”, which is much more positive. The transition from ‘pause’ to ‘remember’ feels like a step forward onto new paths, but carrying all that came before. Nice to do that.

  6. I love the REMEMBER list. I feel like we’re in such a world of information overload that it’s hard to REMEMBER what’s important. You’ve chosen a great word!

  7. What a great word! I, too, find in this information age that I sometimes feel I’m on information overload. That’s a great word. It feels like the type of word that will lead you to unexpected places.

  8. Maybe a phrase would be better than one little word. My December writing experience with all of you heavily influenced my choice of my word. Thank you again, for letting me hang out with you.

  9. Kevin,
    I really didn’t want to give up my word from last year. I like the way your word from last year just sets the stage for the word you have selected this year.

    Thank you for sharing your thinking around remember. I chose mindful this year with some of the same intentions.


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